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srcds vs GUI cpu usage?
I'm curious, i read that the GUI version of the server uses much more cpu than the console version? Is this true and whats the reason behind this?

Also, i'm running a 12 man server via GUI @ 66 tick

3.2 ghz
1 gig ram
bandwith 8000
upload 940

would i be able to run more players at a higher tick or more players at the same tick?
The GUI uses more resources in general, not "much" more but it's a pretty big hit on performance sometimes, in other words you can really notice the difference between a GUI server and a Console server.

Why is it like this? Well it's pretty simple, the GUI is like the core with a program built around it to simplify, however this program (The GUI) uses resources like any other application.
The console however is just the core, without the program wrapped around it and thus not having to use those resources.

You won't be able to run more players, since the upload is the limiting factor, not the PC/server
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