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Choosing a suitable dedicated server
Morning all,

We now have 4 rented servers which are costing us ludicrous amounts of money, so the plan is to try and shove them all on one dedi. However we have no idea what sort of specs we would require.

Has some generous person made some sort guide for slots/spec requirements? Couldn't find one on here sadly.

We wish to run...

100 tick CSS 16man
Another 100 tick CSS 16man
66 tick CSS 20 man
and a 66 tick 10 man hl2dm server

... all off one box if possible.

If anyone could point us in the right direction, we'd be very grateful.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.
well i can't say much given my knowledge of this stuff but for them kinda tickrates ur gonna need sum sort of supper computer... LAWL well there's my 2 n a half cents...
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I think you will be looking at a quad core intel system or some dual Xeon setups with 2gigs of ram at least
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