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hey all how can i just FPS boost 1 server the way iam doing it now is opening Windows Media Player...when i use serverdoc to run the server when the window comes up when loading it the FPS says 64 and when i run WMP if i have 4 servers running the all go to 256 FPS how can i make it just 1 also thats the only way i can hit 100tick on windows also is to open and minimize WMP

thankx in advance
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you cant. It's all or none. Gaming Servers
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if you want to boost your FPS i'm pretty sure you can use the +fps command in the command line to limit/max the server side FPS on each game right?
yes but the server will still be "boosted". only now limited with the fps_max command.

just a simple question, why would you want to boost only 1 server?
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