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In need of Gmod 10 hosting.
I recently got banned off of facepunch because I spelled "where" "were" wrong on my thread title asking for direction to someone who can host a gmod 10 server for my clan. Anyway does anyone know where I can rent a gmod 10 server??
I've never seen GMod servers being rented out, it uses a lot of resources and because of that isn't suitable for normal server rental. I'm sure there are some hosting companies that do but I think best solution would be to get a dedicated server and install it yourself, it can be cheaper and you can do whatever you want with it. Only thing is you'll have to manage it yourself.
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As a game-server host, i wouldnt recommend trying to find a company to host gmod. It will either be expensive, or the company wont have a clue what they are letting themselves in for. gmod uses far too much resources to be profitable. As Drocona said, try finding a dedicated server quite cheap, should do the job just fine. Gaming Servers
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I sell gmod servers. On a Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, 100mbit line, 2 GB ram. If you are interested, contact me.

Only issue with getting is a cheap dedicated is that GMod 10 needs Windows at least for now so that will up the price but $25-35 easily.
nunim, your wrong actually. I ran my gmod server at linux...
And the gmod server doesnt take much more res. than a css server. (I think.. It only took 80MB memory for me)
So you can choose between A LOT of servers... I don't know any though.. Sorry Sad

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