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CSS:RPG & Mani Admin
Hey again. Do mani admin and CSS:RPG work together? because i cant seem to work rpg_help and i have added my steamid to adminlist.txt and it doesnt seem to work. help plz!![/font]
done a map restart? adminlists are only updated on restart. Cant help you with the RPG mod.. personally I hate it and all its brethren. Gun Game is funs tho.
The map doesnt restart but what ticks me off is the admin with CSS:RPG like i try to type rpg_help on console it wouldnt work because i am not admin. I putted my steam id onto adminlist.txt ahh imm getting headaches from this .
I have no idea how the RPG mod works but make sure you add yourself as admin for Mani and for RPG, 2 different files, might sound dumb but better ask.
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