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Crashes At Map Change
Dedicated server, Crashes at map change. But Not all the time. Sometimes it makes it all the way through. Other times it crashes, restarts and then lags really bad for a good long while before turning back to normal.

I have no idea what is causing this. I do have mani on my public server, but my match server does the same thing without mani.

has anyone heard of this before and is there a fix? Please help
Mine does the same thing when it runs out of memory. In fact on all initial map changes my server is a slow assed POS unless the map has already been cached.

What are your server specs??

o/s: Debian 3.1
RAM: 512MB PC133
I dont know the server specs off hand. I dont host it. I have a more private source guy who is hosting my server. From what I remember his specs are pretty good. But he does run more than 1 server on it. So maybe that could be the case. If there are any other things i should be looking for other than just running out of memory, someone please let me know.
I sometimes get this problem, but I have noticed that most of the time it happens is when I do

ma_rcon changelevel DE_Dust or something that includes capital letters.

Though I don't often change map that way, it could be one of the causes. What I generally do is allow the server to restart itself if it does crash.

I believe though that SRCDS has memory leak issues or isn't very good at its own memory management if it has been running for a while, but that is just what I read a while back and am not sure if it is relevant anymore.

I'm also running Debian 3.1 with 2.6 kernel
Servers still need to be restarted when the amount of memory isn't sufficient, servers runnign on 512MB memory need to be restarted every day at least! Of coure it depends on the amount of players but restarts are required quite often.
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