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What would make you add a server to your favourites
What qualities of a server would get you to add the address to your favourites and come back there in the future?
Free beer and women Big Grin
lol nice one^^ I would add a server if it had good maps,surf,great plp on it ,and if they made me admin XDXD

ps: i need adminship on a server XD
I play alot of CSS and the servers that show up most in my recently played list all have a mature player base, awp enabled, no dwp and a low ping.

The most important thing on that list is MATURE PLAYER BASE! I can't stand jumping in a 24/7 server or the like and have to listen to the finer points of Chuck Norris' jock strap decapitation technique for two hours.

That being said there is nothing more important on a server then moderators they must be involved, fair and fun to play with! They keep Chuck to a minimum and know the difference between hard earned skill and hacks.

Indeed moderation or a unique aspect of the server.
That's most important.

Mostly the only servers I add to my favorites are servers I check for lag etc for people on these forums to help Big GrinToungue
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24/7 server, Nice admins, Good maps, a good ping between 0 and 100. And of course some mods that make the game better. Like RPG¿
Most of my fav. servers are surf servers 24/7 with deathmatch and rpg and a 50 ping.

Sorry for bumping, but I couldn't help it.. Big Grin
free admin, lol:p
Nah, if someone plays and you are running it well and everyone is having fun people WILL add it Big Grin
I typically play only one server but to add a server to my favorites requires: Good admins and moderators, I hate people spamming either voice or text unless it is a good converstation and not just yelling nonsense.
Like said before, mature people, no hackers or stats hords, since they dont know how to have a good time. Another important item is good maps. Finally a good connection to the server. Some lag is ok once in a while but often makes the game no fun. Typical max join ping of 50-60ms since I know it might raise upto 100ms at some times.

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