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Cant Access Admin Privs on Own Server
Hey Guys

Just a quick question. I've got my server up and running,
rcon password works now. Have to change it to my network IP all
the time, a little bit of a hassle.

When I enter my server, I go to the Server Admin tool list and can't use anything even though im running my ded serv in the background?

I've put my STEAM:ID in the users.txt, still doesn't make a difference.

Could someone possibly help with this?

Thanks for your time
For the Rcon address you can enter it in the server.cfg so it executes each time you start up, this way you won't have to type it all the time.

What do you mean by "Server Admin tool list"?

If it's mani you're talking about it's clients.txt and not users.txt
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When you hold down the tool menu in Garry's Mod (Q) you got to Utilities and then you go down
to the Server Admin section. You can change gravity, god mode, etc.

I am not using Mani's Admin.

What line should I put in my server.cfg for the rcon address?
The Admin menu only works on listen servers (Launched in-game).
But all the buttons in the menu are console commands.
playerdamage, pvpdamage (player vs player damage), teamdamage.

When u press the buttons in the Admin menu (in the garrys mod Q menu),
i think some commands pop up in the console. It should say that you cant use those commands. Copy the commands and put
in front of them. Ex:
gm_sv_playerdamaga 0
rcon gm_sv_playerdamage 0

That should work. Of course you have to type rcon_password yourpwd
first. But im sure yuo know that.

You could also bind the commands to a key on your keyboard.
To do that go to C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\garrysmod-directory,wich,i,don't,remember\cfg\config.cfg

In that file you can type this:
bind "F7" "rcon gm_sv_playerdamage 0"
or this could be useful too:
bind "F8" "rcon_password yourpwd"

I don't have gmod10, only 9, so i dunno if im right about this....

Oh by the way theres probably both a config.cfg and a config_default.cfg. I can't remebmer if u have to change them both...

Hope you could use this... There are probably some mods on facepunch or forums that can give you the admion powers...
Actually i know in ulx, you can type !menu in-game (not sure if its the same in gmod10), and there you can do all the things as in the Admin menu that garry made..

- Madsherlock Big Grin

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