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server redirect problems
mani_reserve_slots 1
mani_reserve_slots_number_of_slots 2
mani_reserve_slots_kick_message "Disconected to make room blah blah"
mani_reserve_slots_redirect_message "Server Is full, you are blah blah"
mani_reserve_slots_redirect "ip.address:port"
mani_reserve_slots_allow_slot_fill 0
mani_reserve_slots_kick_method 1
mani_reserve_slots_include_admin 1
Server says its full but does not redirect to ip.address:port anybody have any ideas why or how i could fix it ?
Redirects are broken since the update of cl_restrict_servercommands or whatever that command is. If the player has it at 1, they cant be redirected.
i have played on a server before where it auto redirected me even though i had a default setup so think its there maybe another way to do it ?
There is no way to redirect a player other than through client commands, which of course do not work if the player has cl_restrict_server_commands set to 1. If there was, then mani would have fixed it in his plugin.
I have been in servers where it enter the game..then a splash screen appears saying press OK to enter game...then it redirects me to a diff server
how do i do that
Also done with mani and also needs cl_restrict_server_commands to be 0
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Someone in my clan also just stumbled on a server that causes the person to redirect when they connect and have cl_restrict_server_commands set to 1. What it seems to do is first you click ok on the motd, join a team, then another motd window pops up, when you click ok you get redirected instantly.

That is the IP. From the looks of the server they are only running Eventscripts 1.3 and NO other mods. So it seems to be a ES only script. Check it out for yourselves.

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