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RCON Problem "Cant Connect to Remote Server"
RCON problem - Cant Connect to Remote Server

Hey Guys,

nice forum you have going here. ill make this short and simple.
I have srcds, im using it for Garrys Mod 10.

I have the server running, had to download all the files using the hldsupdatetool but all done. I can connect and so can others, no problem there.

When I enter "rcon" in the cmd, it comes up with the following message:
"cant connect to remote server (0.0.0:0)"

When I enter "rcon" in the console on my server, I get the same error message with my Global IP address instead of the 0's.

I have the ports forwarded in my router:
[Image: 2zyvr45.jpg]

What seems to be the issue?

Windows XP Pro
3700+ AMD Athlon (64-bit)

Thanks for your time

try typing rcon_address <IPHERE> on the client, after that it should rcon to the correct address
If you are in a network use the network IP of the server, when not in the same network use the WAN IP
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Ok will do, thanks for your help. I will let you know how it goes
when I get back home.
Thank you very much Droc!

I entered: "rcon_address"
in the SOURCE DEDICATED SERVER screen and has worked perfectly.

Thanks for your time

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