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Maps not cycling..
Hi all,

I have setup a srcds, and it runs fine on a dedicated machine.
I have installed mani admin and that also works..
I am running HL2MP.

The main irritating problem is - I start with a command line specifying +dm_xxxx
If I do not, I don't get a map to load and the server is not visible on the internet.

Using mani admin, I can change maps to all the maps specified in the maplist.txt file. BUT - the maps do not automatically cycle, after each game is over.
I have set time to 60 mins and frag limit to 50 in server.cfg.

Any pointers as to what I have missed please - as I say, people are connecting ok and playing the game ok, the maps are in the right directory but they are just not changing at the end of each game....

Many thanks.
do you have a mapcycle.txt?
just to make sure...
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Unfortunately yes...
And for mani admin a maplist.txt

So it's not that.
Thanks for replying tho'

But hopefully you have some more ideas!
I'm not certain, but I seem to recall that if you have end-of-map voting enabled in the mani-server config, and no one votes, the map doesn't cycle. This would be the case when only bots are in the game or there are no players (or bots) playing at all. You may wish to check this setting and disable it to see if the problem continues. Good Luck!
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I had map ........ mapcyclefile = mapcycle.txt
Of course the = is wrong.

When I removed it and have 'mapcyclefile mapcycle.txt' it works perfectly..
And with mani mod installed I can do nextmap and that works too.

Oh well. Thanks for trying!

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