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mani admin help please
i do not own a server but host games with friends off of my computer. Does mani admin work with a computer too, or only a server??
I'm not sure what you're trying to say here..

Mani Admin PLUGIN is a .dll or .so file (Windows/Linux), it can be installed on the server to make the administration easier for moderators and the administrator. It also has some tricks simplified to operate from ingame.

This plugin has in no way ANYTHING to do with the client. It's a server module.
I'm not sure what you're thinking about as I said before? why would you want to use the plugin on a client?
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I think he's tryin to ask if mani works on a LAN and the answer is yes, I've tried it before and had lots of fun with the bots Big Grin and my friends, that is as long as you've done everything right.

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