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How can i add maps to my server?????
i am having no trouble getting my server running... but i just dont know how to addd maps to my sever, i only have the deafualt maps and was wondering how do i add maps to that list. can someone plz help me!
simply put the custom maps in the maps folder of the srcds
open up maplist.txt, add the mapname
open up mapcycle.txt, add the mapname

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hey thanks for replying but there is one problem when i go into the source dedicated server foldlder the is no maps folder?!!sooo now i am really confused. there are four folders in that folder and they are bin, dowload lists save and i in the wrong folder...coz that was the only one i could find.what should i do?by the way i had no trouble finding all my maps.should i just dowload a new one?
it will be cstrike/maps/

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