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FPS Problems?
Hi All,

I've been trying to find a solution to our problem for a while now with not much success. We run a 18 player SRCDS based and get low FPS under high load.

The heapsize is currently set to 256MB. Tickrate is 66

Now I realize if you open WMP it changes the timer for the OS and breaks the 64 FPS limitation but it also increased CPU by about 2.5 x

The FPS hovering around 60 is fine until it becomes under load and they drop to around 20-30. Why do they decrease?

Running "stats" on the server shows sometimes high CPU 50%-90% yet on the actual OS it reports under 20%?

Server Specs:
Dual Xeon w/ Hyperthreading

The ping seems fine when the spike occurs and the "loss" and "choke" are both 0?

Does anyone have any ideas?
I suggest using the srcdsfpsbooster program, it's a simple console window which doesnt use any resources at all (well too small to notice anyway).

CPU 50-90% i on 1 core for the server, the OS measures total load over 4 cores I think?

May I ask why you are using the heapsize? I haven't seen any improvements while using it, only mroe crash errors. So might be best to remove the heapsize.
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Thanks for the info.

Well the scrdsfpsbooster metamod plugin consumed around the same CPU as using WMP? It increased CPU usage by about 2.5 x

I specified heapsize in hopes it would allocate a specified ammount of memory and therefore be more efficieint and hopefully not page as much. It was a test and can be removed.
I have scrdsfpsbooster running on my box, it uses pretty much nothing at all. When I check task manager, it says 0 for cpu usage and 0 for memory usage. Considering what it gives you in return for the little cpu is actually does use, i'd say it's worth it either way.

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