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my choke i think is high, its at 40, how do i lower it? my upload is 386kb, its a 16 max player server, sv_maxrate at 2600? at 40 tick
try this:
8 players, sv_maxrate 6000 and tickrate 33

first: sv_maxrate of 2600 is WAY to low, at 40 tick it should be atleast 8000. Even with 2 players it should stay above 5000.
second: 384kbps upload won't hold more than 8 players, even 8 players might give choke, you'll have to try. If it does lower to 6 players and set sv_maxrate to 7500.
third: tick of 40 is too high for your connection. The higher you go on the tickrate the more resources will be used, mostly CPU and BANDWIDTH. Bandwidth you don't have so keep it at default 33.

For 16 players you will need atleast 1024kbps upload for reasonable quality.
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