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I'm getting ready to launch my company:

I am going live with 9 core2duo using ubuntu with a customised Kernel.

I'm looking to provide high performance war servers. I will be able to do this by running very little on the actual servers.

I am using Burstfire transit which is reliable and very high performance.

I have worked within the GSP industry for over a year and a half and I'm starting this company for myself rather than working for others.

I'm also in the process of updating the website for launch day, I will update this post once live.

Lee Gardiner

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I'd advice not hosting any voicecoms if you don't have a license. Just my 2 cent.

GL with the company
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I dont intend to, I have a reseller account for this, I could however eventually get a ts2 licence.

Thing is, I'm not new to the industry, worked in it for over a year and a half for a much larger company.

Lee Gardiner

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