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Fast Download Problems
Hey guys.

I have a Linux (Protocol 7) Dedicated server and a File Hosting Server

My dilemma ISN'T that people can't download maps, it is that every time they join the game it downloads the maps... again... and again... every time they rejoin the server like its not saving the files to client side.

Also, Mani admin sounds do this as well, including the quake sounds.

Am I missing a cvar somewhere?

Here is server info

Mani - v1.2BetaP
EventScripts v1.3.0.006
ES_Tools - 0.417a
Warcraft:Source - 0.60 Heavily Modified
BAS - 1.2
SA - 1.0 Heavily Modified
The server is 66 Tick
So noone has had this problem?
I had that problem when i added the maps to downloads.txt lol - I was new at the time to using dedicated servers. They just kept downloading each time some one re-joined the server. I bet there's a fix if you havent added them to downloads.txt Toungue Some one will post Smile

Bonsai !

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