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question about exec config
I have question about the exec config feature. ( I mean like in server.cfg there is line, exec mani_server.cfg of mani admin config)
I want to make something like "exec surf.cfg" that will run only in surfing maps, and when there's a normal map, it won't execute it and won't change the server settings.
I thought about the name of the maps, every surfing map starts with surf_
so maybe make an "if" commands (I just thinking about that, I dont know if its available to do it with cfg files) and it if mapname = surf* then execute surf.cfg and else, dont execute.

OR maybe there's a mani-admin feature which I dont know about it?
I really dont know how does css server works (just know to install forum guides/readme.txt :P) and its options but if its possible to do what I asked above it I will appreciate any kind of help here :)

* sorry about my grammar in english, this is not my normal language. :p
I belive mani has an option to load a different/additional configuration for each map, search for it in the documentation, I'm sure I read it somehwere in there.
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Try making a map cfg file for the maps you want

e.g surf_beach1.cfg etc nd save them in the /cfg folder

I'm pretty sure there is a function in mani, where you can add cfg's or commands for individual maps... I have not yet tried mani, but in my 1.6 server I had AMX and there was a function, where there was a floder. In that folder you could place some .ini's. In thosy you put all your commands for that specific map. EX:
de_dust.ini contains commands for de_dust like:
sv_gravity 2
sv_cheats 1

And on my gmod server I have ULX (another admin-server-mod-thingy like amx and mani) and it had the exact same function. So I am almost certain, that there is a similiar function in mani. Try searching the mani admin plugin folders on your server, and see if u can't find some folder called maps or something like that. It shouldn't be to hard to find.

I don't think it's possible to add an "if" function.. Maybe it can be added to the map's .res file.. Though I'm not sure..

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