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Windows 2003 Standard Tweaks?
Hey Guys,

I had a thread not to long ago asking about server specs, etc. Im happy to say, I just got my first dedicated server! I will be using this machine for nothing but hl2 mods (dod & css).

So, now the "fun" begins hahah. I was wondering if anyone out there would care to share any tips or tweaks I could do to this server. I have already added the srdcsfpsboost.exe to the startup folder of the server. From what I read, this is a great thing to add.

Anyone got anything else? Any and all advice is welcome. Even websites would be great Smile

[Image: banner.gif]

Sweet, Thanks Hollanda. I have lots to learn now! hahah
hmm hollanda, after taking a closer look at the website and reading through it I see that is a tutorial for windows xp. do all of these same tweaks apply to 2003? he doesnt mention this os on there.
most of them are the same, some aren't (theme settings don't apply to windows server I beleive)
But most things do
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