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Password on Source TV relay
my master source tv has password tv_relaypassword "123"

I am connecting to it using "srcds.exe -game cstrike -console +tv_relay" in my command line to connect to the server. How do I add the password to the command line?
+tv_relaypassword 123 ?

also I only noticed there's one " behind your ip and none infront.
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Ok, did a lot of digging and trying. Here is how it works.

+tv_relaypassword xxx needs to be in your server.cfg To have the relay connect you need to put +password xxx in the start up line. So it would look like this.

srcds.exe -game cstrike -console +password xxx +tv_relay

Quote:// sourceTV
tv_enable 1
tv_relaypassword xxx
tv_autorecord 1
tv_maxclients 16
tv_name TV | port 27020 | 90sec delay
tv_delay 90
tv_port 27020
tv_maxrate 10000
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