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About the rcon password
Yo all!

I have a CS:S dedicated server (on Debian (I can't install it on OpenBSD Sad)) and I would like to give to a friend my password for change the occur map.

For example, if the occur map is cs_italy, I would like that my frend can rempace it by de_dust. Shy

But if I give my rcon password at my friend, he could making some mistake and error like rebooting my server. So I won't that. -_-

Is there a simple method for that, without Mani's Admin ?

uhm no...
it's either all with the rcon acces or none
if you want different ways you need plugins
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Too bad...
I have just a other question about this subject :

If I am on my Debian shell (as root user) and if my CS:S server is up, witch command can change the occur map ?

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