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Server Slow uploading skins to clients.
I have Mani Admin plugin, MetaMod, Goremod. and ICS skins. I have 15MBps downlink and 1.5Mbps uplink. It's sends the skins that i use very very slow. It takes about 10 mins just to upload a 2mb skin. Is there some kind of srcds settings I can change.? or is it something in my windows settings.. or could it be steam settings?.. does steam limit the transfer rates?.. Thanks..
the transfer rate is limited by the sv_maxrate setting on the server.
Also if you want faster download use sv_downloadurl, you need webspace for this tho
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drocona?... how do I do this?.. I have 500mb webspace.. 25GB/month transfer rate..
wow, do a search (on sv_downloadurl) it will be one of the first 5 on the list.....

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