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Problem with map changing to de_nuke on linux server
Hi There,
I don't believe this is a linux specific error per say but rather a "my srcds is busted generic error". That said all my google searching and message board trawling has come to naught.

When issuing a changelevel2 command or when the server changes levels after round time to de_nuke i receive the following error in console (server side) and the server stops responding:[/code]

Error: Material "maps/de_nuke/de_nuke/nukwater_movingplane_640_-976_-734" : proxy "AnimatedTexture" not found!
Error: Material "maps/de_nuke/de_nuke/nukwater_movingplane_640_-976_-734" : proxy "AnimatedTexture" not found!

Now im PRETTY sure the directory structure and file it is looking for arent exactly real files (perhaps files within a compressed texture file or something). I also have a similar error when changing to de_piranesi and de_prodigy however on both occasions the map does actually change (albeit taking rather longer than usual) and the server does not hang and it is waaay to quick to catch.

Also having an apparently random timeout problem for clients however that is not as important atm.

Short of deleting all material files and running a verify_all are there any suggestions?
THe server doesnt hang on those errors, those are generic errors without any effect on the server, so it's something different.
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