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Server.dll Error?
I click on the srcds shortcut and it runs, i press start server and when its loading a box pops up saying an error with server.dll then i click ok and it continues loading

then when i try to go to the map cycle and change stuff there it doesnt work! theres no maps there and theres no maps in the drop list. Help me please!
Loading : srcds.exe - entry point not found

The procedure entry point SteamFindServersNumServers could not be located in the dynamic link library steam.dll.

Thats what it says
man take it easy your not gonna get a response like that
anyways just try redownloading it
hoobsta indeed take it easy, it's a message board not a instant messenger or whatever.
You'll get a reply within the day most of the time.. In this case the error doesnt even do ANYTHING AT ALL!

Read your other post...
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