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oK i am very knowledged about srcds but this one stumped me.

i have a

pc with an asus delux mobo
3.0 Pentium D 939 oc to 3.33 Ghz ~~EDIT~~DUAL CORE
1.0GB DDR2
and a 300 GB hdd with 16mb buffer

i set it to 100 tick and fps_max to 600 and when someone joins the tick drops to 60-80 tick and 40-50 choke

this is on lan so i don;t know why...

Priority is even set to high...

Its just got me confused.
check the servers FPS at the times when the tickrate drops
also if you havent already, set sv_maxrate to 30000

EDIT: are you running srcdsfpsboost.exe or windows media player? this will boost the FPS
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Well see my server i dont run either mine works without them thankfully, but fps stays above 400 at all times. works great thanks

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