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new server in loop and cannot be seen
I have installed a new server that appears to be in loop. i have looked at all the threads that relate to this and nothing appears to be my issue. I have attached the document which shows the loop. It also shows where it registered with the servers but cannot be seen by anyone. I have confirmed that you can ping port 27015 with a udp utility. i used this utility from a different ISP. I have also checked to see if any other cfg file might have the server.cfg executing again and cannot find any. I am racking my brain out on this and cannot figure it out. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.


by the way here is my server.cfg as well.  Windows 2003 server and this is the only thing running on it.
// ServerInfo
hostname "mycopy" //Put Server Name between quotes
rcon_password "********" //Put Remote Console Password between quotes
sv_password "*****" //Put Server Password between quotes
mapcyclefile mapcycle.txt // Map rotation file name Default is Mapcycle.txt
motd 15 //Message of the day display time in Seconds
maxplayers 16
sv_region 1

// Server Game Settings
// allow_spectators 0 // Allows spectators 0=disable 1=enable
sv_cheats 0 // allow cheats 0=disable 1=enable
sv_gravity 550 // default gravity = 600, 550 reccommended
sv_allowdownload 1 // allow clients to download maps, etc 0=disable 1=enable
sv_allowupload 1 // allow client sprays 0=disable 1=enable
sv_maxrate 6000 // max client rate
sv_minrate 5000 // minimum client rate (below 3500 creates client warping effect)
net_maxfilesize 24 // up to 24meg maps allowed
// sv_aim 0 // Crosshairs change color when on opponent // 0=disable 1=enable
sv_maxspeed 500 // Sets Maximum Player Run speed
sv_friction 4 // Sets Friction
// sv_accelerate 10 // Sets Player Acceleration
// sv_airmove 1 // Toggles Ability to move in the air 0=disable 1=enable
// sv_airaccelerate 10 // Sets player acceleration while in the air

// Multiplayer Variables
decalfrequency 30 // Sets how frequently players can display their Logo in seconds
mp_decals 200 // Number of visual decals allowed on the server at the same time Lower reduces lag
// mp_c4timer 45 // Bomb timer in seconds
mp_chattime 15 // Scoreboard time at end of map in seconds
mp_friendlyfire 0 // Allow Friendly Fire 0=disable 1=enable
mp_timelimit 15 // Timelimit in Minutes
mp_fraglimit 50 // Fraglimit in Kills
mp_flashlight 0 // Flashlight 0=disable 1=enable disabled reduces lag
mp_footsteps 1 // Footstep sounds 0=disable 1=enable
mp_forcerespawn 0 // immediate respawn 0=disable 1=enable
mp_weaponstay 0 // weapons stay after a player has picked them up 0=disable 1=enable
mp_falldamage 0 // Enable realistic Fall Damage 0=disable 1=enable
mp_autocrosshair 0 // Autocrosshairs 0=disable 1=enable

// load ban files
// filterban 1 // Toggles IP Banning 0=disable 1=enable
writeid // Writes unique Id's to banned.cfg
writeip // Writes banned IP addresses to listip.cfg
//exec banned.cfg
//exec listip.cfg

//Starting Map
Map dm_steamlab // Must be last line of the file

Attached Files
.txt   loop.txt (Size: 13.1 KB / Downloads: 2)
seems like there's an error in the weapon models
try tu run the update again with -verify_all added to it
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Drocona Wrote:seems like there's an error in the weapon models
try tu run the update again with -verify_all added to it

it says it is up to date. i have deleted it and completely reinstalled it 3 times in the past week. i had someone else email me and state that their server is doing the same thing but theirs is up and running and can be seen. When you launch this it pulls about 90% of the server cpu which is a lot as this is a dual 3.6 ghz server with 4gig of memory.

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