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.RES Files Questions
Hi I was woundering how to make .RES Files for sounds since i dont learn reading I like seeing what other people would do I wantt o know

1. I Want to know the path to put the file in wha folder and name the text doc.

2. The name of the song is going to be a Silent Killers and it will be a .wav file so Silentkillers.wav

3. Whats the line to make it active

4. Where do i put the music?

5. Can someone make the exec line for it

thank you
1. You put the file in the folder named "maps"
You have to make a .res file for every map there is, you have to specify which resources are needed for each map individually.
So you would get something like this:
de_dust2.res, de_dust.res, de_prodigy.res etc etc

2+3+4. You have to write .res files like this example below, the example below is for quakesounds, just delete all those and replace one line with your sound Silentkillers.wav.
"sound/misc/dominating.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/firstblood.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/godlike.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/headshot.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/holyshit.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/killingspree.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/ludicrouskill.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/monsterkill.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/multikill.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/prepare.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/rampage.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/ultrakill.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/unstoppable.wav" "file"
"sound/misc/wickedsick.wav" "file"
The first part is as you can see the path to the file, you can place the file somewhere in sounds, wherever you like. Just make sure you set the path correctly in the .res files.

5. What do you mean by exec line?
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