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Any interested in a serious partnership for starting a GSP. I pretty much allready have most aspects of the business set up. Heres a list of what i can think of off the top of my head.

Servers:1 or 2 to Start. Already have one which is a intel dual core 3.6 2gigs of ram, 250 gig hd, 100mbps uplink, 2000GB of bandwith per month.

Website and Domain:I have a base website built that ive been playing with for a few months now. Its a basic flash website with live chat and a few other things. I would post link but i dont wanna be breaking any rules by advertisment or anything. I allready own the domain as well it is a .com

Game Panel:I guess im gonna go with IGC i like there support but i feel there realy dragging there feet with releasing there new 3.0 version whiich will be alot better.

Billing: Paypal, my account is fully verified and activated as a full business account in the name of the company. Will use reacuring subscriptions and email payments untill I find a coder that can build the right billing page for me.

The $$ part:I am 23 years old I own a house and 4 cars, have a great and so does my wife. I have a somewhat decent amount to start with and keep my head above water till i get some costumers.

What Im looking for:Someone who can share the work load. Someone with ideas and techniques that mabye havnt crossed my mind. I feel 2-3 minds are better than one. If you dont wanna invest thats fine but dont expect to much commin your way for quite some time or untill we get off the ground. Now if you do wanna invest we will have a serious chat of what you wanna invest and what %'s you would be getting back. I would like you to be of atleast a mature age like above 17 which might be still a little to young. Have some basic knowlage of linux and basic game server and gaming knowlage that might be worth somthing.

There are so more details into this type of thing but its so hard to explain it all in a post lol. This section is pretty dead so will see if i get any responces.. Thanks for your time.
I think the location of your business is very important to find a partner :?
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Ohio, ny, chicago, and more as we grow
PM sent, awaiting your reply Smile
PM sent
If your still intrested contact me at gamer1911 at
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I'm curious how the OP's business venture turned out. Where is it today, 9 months later? Wink
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any luck with this persons buiseness?
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I got experience with valve related dedicated servers , "Srcds Hlds" i can config them in like less than 10 minutes.
And i'm a gamer myself. Smile
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yep. threads dead lol. still curious to see if his business even left ground, and if so hows it doing . .
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