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Mani Beta R Problems Explained
Just wanted to say thanks for the BETA R thread - I was having the same problem with Beta R.  For all of you starting from scratch, this is (what I think) a better description of the problem:

In the $BASE\cstrike or dod\addons\ directory there must be a file not included with release Beta R called mani_admin_plugin.vdf.  

Since Beta R does not come with this file if you don't have it, just create it with the exact lines below:

"file" "../dod/addons/mani_admin_plugin"

Finally, Beta R also DOES NOT come with a file called adminlist.txt which you need in the $BASE\cstrike or dod\cfg\mani_admin_plugin directory.  Again, create it with the initial text here:

// Add your IP's Steam addresses, Names and Passwords
// in this file for admins
// list of common anti-use flags soaJ
// e.g STEAM_0:0:21233123
// THOSE OPTIONS UNLESS YOU HAVE mani_reverse_admin_flags set to 1
// in your autoexec.cfg
// Restriction options are :-
// k = restrict admin from kicking players
// r = restrict admin from executing rcon commands via ma_rcon
// q = restrict admin from executing rcon commands from the menu
// e = restrict admin from the adminexplode command
// m = restrict admin from slaying players
// b = restrict admin from banning players
// s = restrict admin from running ma_say
// o = restrict admin from running ma_chat
// a = restrict admin from running ma_psay
// c = restrict admin from changing maps
// p = restrict admin from playing sounds
// w = restrict admin from restricting weapons
// z = restrict admin from plug-in config menu
// x = restrict admin from running admincexec commands
// y = restrict admin from running admincexec from the menu
// i = restrict admin from running blind commands
// l = restrict admin from running slap commands
// f = restrict admin from running freeze commands
// t = restrict admin from running teleport commands
// d = restrict admin from running drug commands
// g = restrict admin from running ma_teamswap and ma_balance commands
// j = restrict admin from running gimp commands
// R = restrict admin from running rcon vote
// v = restrict admin from running random vote map
// V = restrict admin from running vote map
// Q = restrict admin from running question vote
// C = restrict admin from running Cancel Vote
// A = restrict admin from being able to accept/refuse a vote they started
// B = restrict admin from running a menu rcon vote
// D = restrict admin from running a question menu vote
// E = restrict admin from using ma_rates
// F = restrict admin from running burn commands
// G = restrict admin from running noclip command
// H = restrict admin from running ma_war command
// I = restrict admin from running ma_mute command
// J = restrict admin from resetting all the player ranks
// K = restrict admin from setting player cash
// L = restrict admin from using rconsay commands setup as type R in commandlist.txt
// M = restrict admin from having custom skins to choose
// N = restrict admin from being able to set a players skin
// O = restrict admin from running ma_dropc4 command
// P = restrict admin from running ma_setadminflag command
// T = restrict admin from running ma_timebomb command
// U = restrict admin from running ma_firebomb command
// W = restrict admin from running ma_freezebomb command
// X = restrict admin from running ma_sethealth and derived commands
// Y = restrict admin from running ma_beacon command
// S = restrict admin from running ma_setcolour or ma_setcolor
// Z = restrict admin from running ma_give and ma_giveammo
// p = restrict admin from running ma_spray
// An example would be if you wanted to prevent admin
// with steam id STEAM_0:0:2388333
// from being able to play sounds and rcon command
// STEAM_0:0:2388333 rp   // Admin can't rcon and play sound !!
// Another example
// STEAM_0:0:3389333 kmc  // Admin can't kick, slay or change maps
// You can also use admin groups instead of flags, you setup admin groups
// in the admingroups.txt file then use them in this file.
// For example if you setup a group called "Clan Member" and "Kick Only" you would set it per
// player like this:-
// STEAM_0:0:1234234 Clan Member // Fred
// STEAM_0:0:234884 Kick Only // Jim
// If you wanted an admin to be created by IP Address you
// set your entry to be in the format
// ;IP Address flag
// Example
// ; rp // Admin can't rcon and play sound !!
// ; kmc // Admin can't kick, slay or change maps
// If you want to have an Admin created by both steam ID and IP address you
// use the format STEAM_ID;IP_ADDRESS flags
// Example
// STEAM_0:1:877489; rp // Admin can't rcon and play sound !!
// If you only use an IP Address, the character ';' MUST be directly in
// front of it.
// There must be a space between the steam ID/IP Address and restriction flags
// or the plug-in will assume that it is part of the Steam ID/IP Address
// Another alternative to using a steam id is a name and password
// The format of this is ;;"name";password flags
// For example I would use
// ;;"Mani";maniadminplugin rp // Admin can't rcon or playsound
// In order to use the password, put
// setinfo _password mypassword
// in your config.cfg file in your client installation.
The newer mani versions use a CreateVDF.exe to make the vdf file (on windows)
They also don't use adminlist.txt anymore, they now use clients.txt
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Where is that client.txt? Cant find it
I'm not sure as to where it is but I thought it was an automatically generated file or something, because I don't have the latest mani version nor am I using it at the moment. I just read about it at the main website so I think you should check there. All info is on the manufacturers website.
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Thanks for the info!
What I found was you do have to use the adminlist.txt after all. Once it has been used, it will turn into adminlist.txt.old.

Once this happens you have to change adminlist.txt.old into adminlist.txt to add a new admin. If mani sees adminlist.txt.old it will not process the new admins.

Clients.txt is used for something else.
ok thanks for the update! Thumbsup
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no, clients.txt is used. it is created if you update from an older version of mani and it parses the adminlist.txt file to create itself. if you don't have that file or are installing new you have to use server console commands to add users/admins/groups. unfortunately, the instructions are deep within the 1.2beta thread. fortunately for you guys, i have it bookmarked Big Grin :

so to give yourself admin do the following in console (provided you have mani set up correctly)
1) ma_client addclient "drocona"
2) ma_client addsteam "drocona" "steam_0:0:123456
3) ma_client setaflag "drocona" "+admin +client" <- this sets the admin flag but doesn't do anything YET
4) ma_clientgroup addagroup "full admins" "+#" <- the +# gives the full admins group all access
5) ma_clientgroup addagroup "drocona" "full admins" <- adds drocona to the group we just created above

so yes it's a gazillion steps but the easiest thing to do is to make all your admin groups via command line then add one person to each. after you do that open clients.txt and copy/paste changing the steam id's and names, it's real easy once you get the hang of it. or if the person is in game you can use the menu to add him to the groups you created in the console. you may be able to create groups in game now as well but this is the way i'm used to.
ok thanks for that, I hate mani that's why I don't mind a lot lol
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If you are upgrading from the 1.1.0zk do the fore mentioned.

If you are installing a fresh 1.2r, you create a clients.txt with the proper initial code in it for "one admin", add your single admin and steam info in it, then upload it to your directory:


Best to do it with the server off, then start it and join once you installed and configured and uploaded the clients.txt via FTP.

Now go into the game, add your rcon password in consol, then you can add your flags/other admins through the menu now that you are an admin.

I've attached a starter clients.txt for you, this is how I did it with ease using 1.2r fresh install, open it, add your required info in it, upload it, good luck.

You can find this info in the mani forums with much searching, so I saved you the trouble.Cool

.txt   clients.txt (Size: 535 bytes / Downloads: 44)
[Image: Prodod.jpg]
Use mani admin plugin 1.2 Beta O instead of newer versions. My server is crashing when I have 1.2 R on, but it never crashes when 1.2 O is on

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