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ok.......when i created my dedicated server... i asked my friend if he can join the server to see if it is up....but when he tried to join the said that it was not responding.,....and as i had gotten his meesage it said"round draw"meaning someone joined the game....but i did not know that person....i asked him for the ip of the server and he gave me my ip address with the numbers :50760 at the end......why is that and where can i find that specific ip???
that ip would be the ip you will see when you click here:

the :50760 would be the port the server is running on, this is probably incorrect and next time you start the server it's changed. This happens because your router isn't configured correctly. Make sure all the ports are forwarded correctly, if this doesnt work try DMZ on the server machine.
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well i did DMZ it and it still couldnt.....i think i actually figured it out.....ALL i have to do is give them my ip adrress and they can connect directly to the server....well thanks anyways........JUST GIVE THEM YOUR IP ADDRESS AND THEY ARE IN

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