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Hello, I was just curious on what are the MAIN windows services that are necessary for hosting an HL2 server. I'm just curious about this because I just reformatted my comp and installed a different version of windows xp on this machine, and now when I start up srcds, everything works perfectly fine. It says that's the connection to the steam servers was successful and all that, but it wont show up under the lan tab through Steam, and nobody can connect to it. It seems that it is opening ports for outgoing connections only. Then I went to the Shields Up website and scanned my port, and it came back as stealthy. I know that ports are forwarded through the router fine because I was just hosting a server yesterday before I reformatted. I'm still on the same internal IP and DMZ is enabled. This version of Windows XP DOESNT have Windows Security Center, so there is no firewall there, and I am running a virus scanner that DOESNT have a firewall. So it leaves me to believe that maybe one of the necessary windows networking services is disabled or something.

Can anyone shed some light on the services the MUST be enabled in order to host an HL2 server?
hmm doesnt make any sense... all windows xp version should allow you to run it with no problems... sorry but i dont know the services..
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Ok, my next question would be if anybody knows of a way to open ports through the registry? I just find it a little wierd that it's allowing some things to open ports and keeping other things from opening some ports...
all ports are open on XP, unless you run a firewall that blocks it or a router that has a firewall built in. Maybe you have a network card with a built in firewall (which I doubt) just check for everything cause if you run nothing all the ports will be open no matter what. You might also want to check if they are being used by something.
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