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Master Server IPs
Im running 3 CSS and one DODS server at present on the same box.  When I look for the servers in the steam list they have a ping between 150ms and 200ms.  However in favorites or via HLSW / playing on them the ping is more like 20ms.

So I looked at the servers starting up to see what master servers steam adds.  Im confused that the main server I have set up adds to :

and the other 3 all add to :

Looking at the seems to be incorrect, and will not return a reply when pinged.

Is there a place the servers to add can be edited so I can get this server using the 2 masters for source ?
well i dont really understand what your asking but... the master server ip addresses dont effect your server at all. If you server conncets to a different ip then another, its ok.

Thats about all i can say, seeing as i cant understand your question.
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I was wondering where steam got the master server IPs from.  Sometimes when I boot the servers they try to connect to a master IP that does not seem to be used by CSS anymore (  Other times they connect to the two good IPs ( &

Was hoping this was in a file so that it could be stopped from the occasional attaempts to connect to Smile
There is no such file to edit them, it's built into on ef the core files I guess.
You cannot set preferred master servers.
It might make a difference if you enter a different region but.. don't know if that will fix it.
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