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"Server out of date" ?
I'm new at this and have downloaded and installed the hldsupdator client from steam's website (yesterday). Today i upgraded to the newest version, and actually checked to see if my server works and i get an error saying it cannot join the server because the server is out of date... I ran the updator twice since then, and both times i've been told that it is up to date...

Whats wrong? It's beginning to annoy me that the server isn't working, and was wondering if anyone had a way to fix this or whatever...

Aparently NOW i can't even add my server to favorites... Gah...
hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\srcds

is that what u run to update ur server?

if so.. also exit steam.. adn update ur steam files.. i heard that can cause problems too
[Image: 461031727.png]

No steam on my server... Just hldsupdate thingy... And yes, i use a command similar to that to update.

Edit: Do you mean on my computer? The client, not the server? It you meant the client then... Well that didn't work.
Anyone? I know it's been a couple of hours, but i'm... Well i'm confused...
Try to delete InstallRecord.blob in the main folder and update with the command -verify_all somewhere in the update commandline.
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If you have mods on yoyur server you have to put the orginal gamefile.txt (i think thats what its call am not at home) or HLupdater will get stuck
dont u mean gameinfo.txt

i really dont know so...
grandslamjmh Wrote:dont u mean gameinfo.txt

i really dont know so...

thank you

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