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couldn't download the price list!
Hello all
I'm having a problem with DWP the error is:

ERROR: mp_dynamicpricing set to 1 but couldn't download the price list!
Error: Material "particle/smokestack" : proxy "ParticleSphereProxy" not found!
Error: Material "sprites/glow_test01" : proxy "lampbeam" not found!
Section [Scenes]: 0 resources total 0 bytes, 0.00 % of limit (2.10 MB)
couldn't exec server.cfg

I'v tried to download HLDS & update but it didn't work..
DWP won't work on both standalone & Steam dedicated server
please help ;_(
Simply turn DWP off, havent really found a solution myself but thats because I totally hate the idea and it's way too buggy to run a good server with it.

EDIT: I just remembered something about additional HTTP ports tht had to be forwarded in order to download the list.
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seems udp port 80 (so I read, I turned DWP off).
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