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What is a good guess at what this would run?

What sort of slots do you think this machine would run at 66tick?

2.0Ghz Xeon Dual (4.0Ghz all up)
1Gb ram
400Watt Psu
18Gb x2 in Raid

Would 80 be about correct?

Also is there a big difference between Linux and windows 2003 also if Linux what distro?

Another 512Mb ram or 2.2Ghz processors?

What does cache do? 1Mb cache or 512Kb cache

Also will it handle it running several different servers on the same machine (6 servers with 16 slots?)

It will be running at a sponsorships business with a 100Mbps connection

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Andrew Mercer
bumped; due i dunno what to answer and no1 answered yet Big Grin
I think 80 is way over the top, I think it'll be more like 60? Not sure tho, not that good with big servers.

Well there are some differences between Linux and Windows ofcourse. The SRCDS is made to be running on windows, most support for it. It runs smooth and as it's supposed to be running.
For Linux, some people say it's better than windows but since the srcds has been made for windows it will always run better on windows. I think it really depends on how you configure the server hardware to work good with the OS.

Multiple servers will decrease the overall load but I don't think it will get you alot of extra slots.

Cache is the memory built into the processor. Cache is one of the fastest memory there is, it makes a great difference in speed and capabilities of the CPU.
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60 slots full at max. This depends or tickrate and rates used.

2 x xeon 2ghz isn't that strong, but dual cpu is always better than single, for overbooking reasons.
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Thanks for your help guys, I have gone with 1.5Gb ram, 2.0Ghz x2 and windows I think...

Thanks for all your help....

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