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Making a Sound Menu?
I have downloaded a bunch of sound packs and what not and I was wondering, is it possible to make a sound menu like the mani admin menu? Could I use this layout to make it?

"display" "Sound Menu"
"display" "Sound folder"
"command" "es_cexec event_var(userid) say skill"
"submenu" "0"
"display" "Sound folder 2"
"command" "es_cexec event_var(userid) say votemap"
"submenu" "0"
you'd have to write a plugin to make menu's like mani's

not sure what you want to do with the code above...
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Yes this will work, you can mail my coder:

One of his projects:
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Actually, I have found a way with EventScripts using popup. Here is what the code looks like:

block load
popup addline Page1 "Sounds:"
popup addline Page1 "->1. Family Guy"
popup addline Page1 "->2. Black Hawk Down"
popup addline Page1 "->3. Quake"
popup addline Page1 "4. I am ***"
popup addline Page1 "5. Next page."
popup addline Page1 "6. Exit."
popup create Page2
popup addline Page2 "1. Three Days Grace - Pain.mp3"
popup addline Page2 "2. Boob"
popup addline Page2 "3. Pizzzzzza!!!!!"
popup addline Page2 "4. BOOYA!!!"
popup addline Page2 "5. Previous Page."
popup addline Page2 "6. Exit."

popup prepuser Page1 popupt/prep1
popup menuselect Page1 popupt/soundspage1
popup menuselect Page2 popupt/soundspage2
popup submenu Page1 5 Page2
popup submenu Page2 5 Page1
popup select Page1 6 popupt/exit
popup select Page2 6 popupt/exit
popup timeout Page1 send 10
popup timeout Page1 view 10
popup timeout Page2 view 20

block unload
popup unsendname Page1 #all
popup unsendname Page2 #all
popup delete Page1
popup delete Page2

event player_spawn
es_delayed 10 es_xtell event_var(userid) #multio #defeault Welcome to test popup. Say#red sound#defeault for popup test.

event play_say
if ("sounds" in event_var(text)) do
es popup send Page1 event_var(userid)

block prep1
//Make the menu to show the player's name
es_createplayerlist _ptemp server_var(_popup_userid)
es_xsetinfo playername 0
es_keygetvalue playername _ptemp server_var(_popup_userid) name
es_format playername "->4. I am %1" server_var(playername)
es popup modline Page2 4 server_var(playername)

block soundspage1
if (server_var(_popup_choice) < 8) do
es_tell server_var(_popup_userid) You chose sound number server_var(_popup_choice)

block soundspage2
es es_xsetinfo page2choice server_var(_popup_choice)
es_xmath page2choice + 7
if (server_var(_popup_choice) < 15) do
es_tell server_car(_popup_userid) You chose sound number server_var(page2choice)

block exit
es_te;; server_var(_popup_userid) "You chose to exit after all."

I put es_load popup in autoexec.cfg, start the server, but nothing happens. Am I missing something?

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