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Server REFUSES to start
I have ran a Sourceforts server for sometime... latly it had to be shutdown for opproxematly 66days.. i fire it up now... i get the config screen (where you choose the game, players, rcon pass, etc.) when i hit start, nothing happend.. all i get is a process named "srcds.exe" (wich is obviously the server one), and nothing happens.. no net activity... no window... nothing!. Anyone got an idea why? Sad

i tried running a straight-no-mod CSS server, still same problem

i have tried this on 3 Pcs (Processors of wich are: AMD, Intel, VIA EDEN) All failed

Any idea? Sad
Try running the server as console not GUI. (GUI = bad).
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I just tried.. it goes onto it , says "console initialized", or something to that effect.. and then does nothing else Sad
I ran it froma  shortcut with commandline args:
-console -game sourceforts -maxplayers 6 +map sf_skywalk
And the window oipens for a split second then exits... what happening :S
update again....
i magaed to capture the output by VERY quickly pressing the print screen key!

Console initialized
Attempted to create unknown entity type event_queue_saveload_proxy!
Game.DLL loaded for "sourceforts v1.9.2"
Update the server, start it without any mod and then rebuild with mods.
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Just done these steps, I deleted ALL files relating to SRCDS... then let steam get a new copy... And still doesnt work Sad.. not even a bare CS server :S, my friends runs ok.... he gave me his files.... no worky on my 3 pcs! ALL 3
Looks liek you're running the dedicated server from steam, you shouldn't use that one.
You should get the standalone dedicated server (HLDSUpdatetool.exe installs it)
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Indeed i was,

I now installed the stand alone version.. Worked first time!!, Smile

Also.. my server install is much smaller (600mb, as apposed to 3-4gig!)

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