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a Little help please with my pings
i am currently running a Cs Source server.

its based around an Athlon XP 3200 cpu, it has 1024 MB of ram.
Its a gun game server running mani admin and matties events scripts and runs at a tick of 66 and the sytem never goes above 25% usage even when fully populated with 10 players.

My issue is that on a 8mb down 448kb upstream its fine with about 4 players but anymore who join and the ping jumps by around a 100 for every person. I tried fiddling with the sv_maxupdates etc as recommended in the serverwiki site but nothing seems to improve the situation.

I should also mention that the server connects on a wifi connection to my router.

Anyfurther advice would be warmly welcomed.

Thanks in advance.
Set your rates lower and tickrate to 33, that will save bandwith which means you can host just a little bit more players on you home DSL line.

That's the bad side of running home based servers, poor bandwith.

Also power usage costs will be higher than renting a good shared gameserver at a gamehost. Your 3200XP will use over 1 Ampere constantly, here in Holland that cost around 25 euro's a month =)
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Try to connect to the router with a cable .
I'm not sure but some wifi use cryption and that make the connection slow.
servers should always be connected with a cable, never use wireless.
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thanks for th input guys.

I will give your suggestions a try and report back.

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