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Endless Crashes.
I have been running a server for over 3 weeks now and cant get it to run stable for more then 24 hours.

My Box:
Mobil XP 1.6ghz ---> 2.5ghz
Memory/FSB ---->454 MHz
All Voltage and Amp are there.
Win XP pro fully updated

So my box is overclocked but, it never crashes, and when srcds crashes it tells me nothing, it just disappears. So I don’t think it’s a hardware issue.

Everything is updated and I’m worried as I left for thanksgiving break and my srcds crashed everyday and my roommate had to re-launch the program, now I’m leaving for winter holiday and I’m afraid it will be down for three weeks.

When it crashes it usually gives me no reason it just disappears, It will crash at anytime doesn’t matter how many people are on the server. Now I do rarely get a MSG about some kind of C++ running time error but that happens less then 10%.

What is going on?
Hook me up with some of your mdmp files and I'll debug them for you.
Try lower your FSB a few mhz.
It's the typical reason for applications closing without a message.

Some applications are more sensitive than others.
Try using serverchecker (google it), that auto restarts srcds after crashes. A crash isn't good but allmost impossible to not happen on servers with mods.
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