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when starting up srcds i get a error saying The Procedure entry point IsLogActive could not be located in the dynamic link library tier0_s.dll.

wtf does this mean
Are you running steam and the server on the same machine? if so, shut down steam.
Not sure if it works, but at the moment that's the only solution know (Thanks to SirLucious)
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but i use steam and standalone srcds
um i still get it even if steam is not running. um does this affect the server at all?
It seems there is quite a bit of people with this problem, including me. It has seemed to take no affect on my server except I have to member to press enter at the error message. Other people, however have complained of problems with lag. I would turn it on, go play on it, and see how it handles.
i'm not sure but couple of people time outed at same time. but i didn't get lag

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