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Counterscanner with Lduke code
Works perfect!
get it here >>>>
scans for cheaters and forces clrsc to 0 by choice of course!
Also cosistancy checking ingame so anyone trying to hack once ingame is kicked immediatly includeing changeing clrsc > 0.

Extract files to the addons folder as per norm and add these to your server.cfg file for general default settings

ac_enablemessages 1
ac_bantime 5
ac_kickuncheckable 0
ac_checkspeed 0.5
ac_banmode 1
ac_enableconsistancy 1
ac_kick_servercommand_restricted 1

Happy days!

PS hope admin dont mind me double posting as its in other sections aswell!
erm please dont spam it all, 1 post is enough, ppl will read it anyway...
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