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I have this message sometime when my server change map after about 3-4 map.

After to have click OK, the server restart (Because the script restart it)

The message say in english : The instruction in "0x00e12723" use the memory adress "0x119100c0". The memory can't be "read". Press Ok to close the program.

What is the problem ???
My mani admin plugin script ???
There is a bad configuration ???

PS : Sorry for my english, I'm a french guy and there is not International support for french.
You could speak to me in French, but I'm gonna speak back in English.

Most of the time crashes like this are because of plug-ins. If you could post your dump file I could debug it for you.
C'est quoi "dump file"
Je ne comprend pas

Je vais essayé de revoir ma configuration
The dump files are found in your parent SRCDS directory with the cstrike and bin directories. They are the files that look like this: "Steam__107334__2006_10_12T16_55_49C12194750.mdmp" I need your latest one.
I have send you a private message
sebpedra Wrote:I have send you a private message

lol then do it! Or e-mail me the file.
Je ne voullait juste pas rendre publique le fichier parceque j'avais peur qu'il y ai des informations importante.

Je t'ai envoyer un message
I got the file. Thanks!
Do you have any other files, ones that possibly start with the word Steam?
I wasn't able to successfully debug this one Sad
I have send you a compilation of all dump file I find.

Those were the files I needed. I was able to successfully debug them all. Every single file leads to server.dll crashing @ 221C5CC9.

Does anyone know what that point is? Does anyone else know why server.dll would be crashing so much and what would cause it?

sebpedra: in the meantime what I suggest to you is to delete your server.dll and run an update. Let me know if that does anything.
K I have delete the file and download a new with the updatetool,

Je vais attendre que mon serveur crash, si il ne crash pas tans mieu.
Yep! Sounds good!
Shit, my serveur have crash

Il est resté correct un peu plus longtemps mais a fini par crasher.

Je crois que c'est du a mon plugin.

Je vais vérifier les configurations.
I have the same problem. All three servers ruuning Under Windows 2003 Business Server Edition with dual 2.8 GHz Xeons is crashing if I have more than one map in the mapcycle.txt. Sometimes I get the memoery error, sometimes it just hangs, and other times the console reports a Degeneration Error over and over again. I have the latest ver. of Maini's admin, but tried a fresh instrall with out it an same thing. If theres more than one map to rotate, im screwed. HELP!!!! I've done everything I can to resolve it with no luck!
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