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Trying to get into the business.
Hey guys a friend of mine is offering me his old server he ran some game servers off of, and I was wondering on the capacities and pricing to colocate this box.

Price: 900 Canadian

Dual Opteron 240's
3gig ram
32gig SCSI drive
120gig IDE drive
Epox server board

I was thinking about 6-8 Source servers, or about 15 HL1 servers?

I wanted to collocate the box to Chicago, and was wondering what kinda bandwidth would be needed for it?

I have more then enough Linux experience and as far as im concerned I will be running Linux on the box, good move for gaming servers?

Thanks guys, much obliged.
Not going to work, max = 4/6 servers of 6/8 HL1 servers
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Like Hollanda says, it wont hold that much servers. This depends on the amount of players ofcourse, you can run alot of small servers but I don't think you want to do that.

Also, the SRCDS is built for windows, there is almost no support for Linux and Valve doesnt put any effort in fixing bugs etc. There are mixed feelings about Linux vs Windows. I'd go for windows, from my experience windows servers will always run smoother unless they change the linux code.

Bandwidth really depends on the amount of players and at what tickrate the servers are running.
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Your never get me on a windows box, il burn in hell befor that happens LOL.
Seriously tho we just dropped our dual optron for a x2 server and its out performing it now weve sorted the stepping on the cpu, linux based of course.
2 * 32 player source servers @ 66 tic with mani, es_scripts, restrict winning team, acerates & counterscanner. optimized kernal and still enough left to run a UT 2004 server

4 Default servers with not to much installed will work fine but personaly id go with 2 * 32 players servers @ 66 tic and see how it fairs unless your looking at hosting smaller clan servers????
But if there clan servers they realy need tobe 100 tic to be proper and that will hog cpuage so its swings and round abouts.
A little acid test that I use is put the servers up and fill with just 2/3's bots, that will give you a stress test on the server. So say 2 * 32 players servers, put 22 bots on each and see what happens, with 240's it will be fine but change the tic upto 66 and you will be around the 70 to 80% cpuage which is border line!
Im only going on past exsperiance of optrons so dont take any of this as gold just my 2 cents!
Hope it helps!

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