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Enough for a Server?
Hi guys is this setup enough for a HL²Big GrinM Server for 10-12 players?
on a standalone dedicated windows xp computer

2.4ghz intel celeron d
and DSL6000 ( 576 kbit / s upload)?

thx in advance
should be enough for CS:S srcds server.. not sure Smile
Thx for the reply but i want to run a server for HL2 Deathmatch, not CounterStrike?

I also would appreciate a 3vs3 server without lag...
not a public...
More than enough, it will handle 8 players at normal tickrate, no lag.

You might be able to push it to 10 but I don't think the connection will hold out.
3vs3 will do easily
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oh thx, great news! I am quite happy now... Big Grin
having a 3vs3 server can give our clan a first training ground.


I installed everything like described here:

worked fine so far, looked like the attached pic.
As I don't have my new computer, I installed srcds on my pc, and after running the DS I started HL2DM to see what s up:
I could find my server in the LAN area of "Find Servers",
but would this server now be accessible via internet by my clan mates?
If yes, by which IP Adress?

I copied the content for my first server.cfg from a post in these forums:
( server.cfg resource thread )

HL²dm sample:
// Server Name
hostname "My HL²DM Server"

// RCON Password
rcon_password "myrconpassword"

// Server Settings
mp_fraglimit 100 // kills before map change
mp_timelimit 20 // timelimit on each map
mp_weaponstay 0 // weapons stay after being picked up
mp_forcerespawn 0 // force player respawn after 4 seconds
mp_falldamage 0 // extra damage when falling
mp_teamplay 1 // set to 1 to enable teamplay
mp_teamlist "hgrunt;scientist" // team models, if mp_teamplay = 1
sv_hl2mp_weapon_respawn_time 20 // time between weapon respawns
sv_hl2mp_item_respawn_time 30 // time between non-weapon respawns
mp_footsteps 1 // enable footstep sounds
mp_flashlight 1 // flashlight in-game availability 1=yes 0=no
mp_autocrosshair 1 // show crosshairs
decalfrequency 10 // amount of decal/sprays visible
mp_allowNPCs 1 // allow computer-controlled characters
sv_alltalk 0
sv_gravity 600 // server gravity level (default=600)
sv_stopspeed 100 // speed at which a player stops while running
sv_noclipaccelerate 5
sv_noclipspeed 5
sv_specaccelerate 3
sv_specnoclip 1
sv_maxspeed 320 // runspeed on the server, default=320
sv_accelerate 10 // speed of movement
sv_airaccelerate 10 // speed of movement in air
sv_wateraccelerate 10 // speed moving in water
sv_footsteps 1 // enable footsteps
sv_rollspeed 200[quote]
sv_rollangle 0
sv_friction 4 // when bumping into a wall, slows you down
sv_bounce 0
sv_stepsize 18 // distance covered with each step
r_VehicleViewDampen 1
r_JeepViewDampenFreq 7.0
r_JeepViewZHeight 10.0
r_AirboatViewDampenFreq 7.0
r_AirboatViewDampenDamp 1.0
r_AirboatViewZHeight 0.0
mp_friendlyfire 0 // friendly fire, 0=off, 1=on
coop 0 // cooperative play mode
deathmatch 1 // deathmatch mode enabled = 1
sv_voiceenable 1 // enable speech in-game
sv_pausable 0 // enable server pausing
sv_cheats 0 // disable cheats = 0
ip // to avoid rcon problems put the server ip here

what should entered in this last line, ip ?
and what about this rcon thingy?
the bold line: is it Team DM when setting a 0 ??

thx in advance !

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Your Ip would be the IP that shows up here:
that's the one people connect to.
if you're behind a router you should check the INTERNAL ip by typing ipconfig in cmd. and add that to the cfg.

I think 0 would be TDM yes
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