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Need Tutorial on Redirects
I need a tutorial. Of all the tutorials on here, they don't have one for this.

I read tutorials cause then I don't havbe to worry about posting.. I mean look at all these BS posts?? wow, waste of space for people to lazy to read. Oh well.. any help would be great on redirect, thank you.

mani redirect from a full server to another one or do you mean sv_downloadurl?
fqdn Wrote:mani redirect from a full server to another one or do you mean sv_downloadurl?

Use mani redirect so i can gain more traffic to my server. I know where it is in mani_server.cfg but not sure how to do it.

I will be using my home box and redirecting to my rented box.

I got the sv_urldownload thing squared away long ago.

why is this such a sore subject. All I want is help to figure this out and I followed mani documentation and still nothing.

Nobody can help me out, this is ridiculous. I have 3 posts going and i keep getting the same thing, look at mani documentation, and a smartass comments. Look all I want is someone who knows how to do it and can look over my files to make sure I have done it right.

How fuckin hard is that.. jesus.
well ok, show us your mani.cfg (the redirect commands) not the whole file.
Maybe there's something stupid in it, I seriously dont get what could be wrong cause it's as simple as typing the adress...
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Like i have it up, runnnin and when i join it redirects me, but how are other people i don't even know able to join it?

I am confused. Is it because they have cl_restrict_server_commands set to 1?

// Turn on off reserve slots
mani_reserve_slots 1

// Number of reserve slots you have
mani_reserve_slots_number_of_slots 20

// User defined message shown in players console when kicked
mani_reserve_slots_kick_message "You were disconnected for using a reserve slot"

// User defined message for redirection of players to another server
mani_reserve_slots_redirect_message "This server is full, you are being redirected to another one of our servers"

// The IP address of the server you wish to redirect players to. Leave it blank
// if you do not want redirection to be used
mani_reserve_slots_redirect ""

// This defines whether you want your reserve slots to fill with reserve players
// or always be kept free (1 = allow slots to fill, 0 = always keeps slots free
// and kick player instead)
mani_reserve_slots_allow_slot_fill 0

// Type of method used to kick players, 0 = by highest ping (spectators first),
// 1 = by connection time (spectators go first)
mani_reserve_slots_kick_method 1

// Include admins in the adminlist.txt file as players who have reserve slots
// (1 = include admins)
mani_reserve_slots_include_admin 0

Server IP is


oops caps..

it is the cl_restrict_server_commands

if they have it set to 1 it blocks it from redirecting. if they have it set to 0, then it redirects no problem.

Okay that solves that problem.

ugh, thanks for bearing with me during this crazy time.

Have another issue, but I will repost new topic as to not bump this one.

Thanks Drocono.


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