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1 CSS server on box - How do i improve performance?
First of all, im getting really high pings. People that live right next to the server are getting pings of 70 ish which is crazy. Is there anything i can do to boost pings, NFO run on windows and they have ping boosters, i would like something similar. Also how can i boost fps, is there a command i can run or is it not as easy as that.

Basically it is a good server on not so good internet, i have an abundance of cpu that isnt being used which i would like to use to improve ping and fps (and anything else!).

living right next to a (home) server doesnt mean good pingtimes. its possible route goes over a few hundred kilometers.

nevertheless home hosting isnt that ideal.
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ping totally depends on the connection you are using at the moment, FPS can be boosted by opening Windows Media Player or download and run srcdsfpsboost.exe
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