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Random Ban by Console
Hey guys, this happened on my server:

L 11/06/2006 - 19:56:36: Addip: "PLAYERNAME<380><STEAM_IDHERE><>" was kicked and banned by IP "for 30.00 minutes" by "Console" (IP "PLAYERIP")
L 11/06/2006 - 19:56:36: "PLAYERNAME<380><STEAM_IDHERE><TERRORIST>" disconnected (reason "Added to banned list")

None of my admins did it. It happened right at the beginning of a new map 2 seconds after the player joined Terrorists.

Any ideas?

hmhm are you sure you've installed mani right if you have mani_admin_plugin .. .. else something is wrong. I heard before some people had problems whit it. Or else have you any TK/TA kick/ban ? high ping kicker/ban .. i dunno Smile

All those bans/kicks show up in my Mani logs. I've been using Mani since I've opened my game server in May and haven't had anything like this happen.

I'm using the current version of Mani BETA. I don't think it was Mani because it would of shown up in it's respective log. Any other ideas?

Thanks for the reply dude!
This is an automated ban for attempt rcon login. That player probably did no login and than a few rcon commands (not logged in). This cvar is setup in your server.cfg file.
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Makes sense! Thanks Hollanda!

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