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bad register
ok so im runnin my server right.. runs pretty good...but some ppl complain about the server havein really bad register... what can i do to imprve that?
[Image: 461031727.png]

since you didn't provide your settings, the tickrate and serverside fps would help with this (make both higher obviously)
the tick is 100..fps 600..runnin either WMP or srcdsfpsboost.. umm 14 slot..
2.5Mbps upload..
athlon 64 4800+ x2 2.4Ghz
2gb RAM

also my FPS hardly ever gets to only goes around 450 average
[Image: 461031727.png]

sv_unlag set to 1? there's not much else, maybe they can't shoot?
in server.cfg?
[Image: 461031727.png]

yes in the server.cfg

Also, with bad register do you mean like when someone shoots and it misses or something while it should be a hit?
If it's ingame lag related with shooting, it's a mistery, some servers work almost excellent, some you cant hit anything. I don't think anyone knows what causes this but, it sure is weird.
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