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letting users download maps instead of kicking them (css server)
first of all im running/configuring this server using a control panel. but the field i need to adjust is the "download URL" field. and i assume if the person can conect to the URL and download the needed files they will continue to join the server.

now the tricky part is, what is the downloading URL? is it the same thing as the IP for the server? is this not the setting im looking for?

sv_downloadurl "http://www.yoururl.tld"


sv_downloadurl ""

If the second is used you can not use a certain external downloadurl (is possible if you setup apache or IIS). In the first case you have to upload all files to a external download server (Apache or IIS).
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can it not download from the server itself?

if i were t setup an apache server for it, where do i put the files in the directory structure of the server?
You use sv_downloadurl "www.your.tld" ir you setup a different http webserver (fast)

Use sv_downloadurl "" if you want files to be downloaded from your server directly (slow)
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sv_downloadurl ""

does this mean don't give it a value?

right now its set to having no value, and it just kicks clients who don't have the needed map.
Yes it means you dont give it a value, it should download from the server that way.

If it keeps kicking people, check if sv_allowupload and sv_allowdownload are both set to 1
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