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cross server chatting
Is it possible (or is there a mod) that lets u set up cross server chatting, for example I run 3 goldeneye:source servers each of a different game type (licence to kill, deathmatch, man with the golden gun) and if its possible id like players chat to go across all 3 perhaps with "playername (servname): <chat text>" format.

sounds like something which is totally impossible but i duno mabye it can be done

anyone know? Smile

ps: all 3 run on the same machine.
Admins can with HLstatsX and I guess there must be a normal mod for too. At least there are irc mods where you can use something like "/irc message" to send a message to an irc channel.
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It sure is possible but i've never seen a mod do that.
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maybe ?

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